A Lesson Learned

There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

Jesus and Satan were discussing who was the better computer programmer. Sometime during the -enth hour of the discussion, they decide to have a contest and let God be the judge.

Days and even weeks went by with the two contestants feverishly writing line upon line of code, each determine to win the contest. Seconds before the deadline, a massive bolt of lightning streaks across the sky and thunder echoes off the distant mountains. The computer screens go blank. No electricity. While Satan rages, Jesus sits quietly with his hands folded.

After a moment, the computers hum to life. Satan frantically pounds the keyboard, searching for his work. God looks over his shoulder and asks to see his program.

“My files! They’re gone! I’ve lost everything!” He glances to Jesus’ monitor filled with line upon line of the gobbledygook known as HTML.

God announces that Jesus is the obvious winner of the contest.

“What?” Satan exclaims, along with a few other choice words. (He is Satan, after all.)

“Satan, Satan, Satan…everyone knows…” God shrugs his shoulders. “Jesus saves.”


That joke has a little bit of bearing on what happened to my website recently. Through some update that went sideways…some act of God…I don’t exactly know what happened, but my website was effectively erased. <Sigh> And, you guessed it, I hadn’t backed it up. The lovely woman who created my website had an old copy from when she first did her magic, and my amazing daughter worked diligently to get everything up and running, but I’ve lost all of 2015’s posts.

I have a few saved in Word documents which I’ll re-post, but rather than try to re-create an entire year, I’m just starting from where I am now.

I consider this a lesson learned. Jesus saves. And when it comes to this website, Lora saves too.

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