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Lora Young

Welcome to my website

I’ve always lived quite nicely in my imagination and have recently asked my friends to come out and play as characters in historical fiction. Historical Romantic Adventure isn’t officially a genre, but that’s what I write.



History is an amazing thing. It tells us where we’ve been, and if we’ll listen, it tells us where we’re going. It’s inspiring and comforting (to know humanity lived through it).



The epic romance of all time is between God and His Church. Every earthly romance mirrors the way God woos his bride.



I just love suspense and mystery. I tried – really tried – to write a straight romance. But one day when I wasn’t looking, a bad guy popped into my story, and he wouldn’t go away. Sometimes there’s a mystery; sometimes not. But it’s always a fun ride.

God has an amazing adventure planned for me. I’m following the nudge from Him to indie publish my stories. I have no idea where that road will take me. All I know is I trust Him to lead me, and I’m determined to follow.
Thank you for being part of my journey.